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    今天是2021年6月3日 星期四,歡迎光臨本站 蚌埠市天宇高溫樹脂材料有限公司 網址: www.xiaoqifa.com


    專注研發生產樹脂及高溫防熱復合材料 | 3A級信用企業




    Bengbu Tianyu High Temperature Resin Material Co., Ltd, a private s/t enterprise is a professional maker for boron modified phenolic resin, new type thermal setting phenolic resin, toughened phenolic resin, eco-phenolic resin, epoxy curing agent, bulletproof film, glass fiber/compound pre-impregnation material and compound products. It has been authorized as “AAA enterprise of contracts honoring and promise keeping", "AAA Credit Company". Tianyu, with 4 invention patents is able to produce various types of synthetic resin, high temperature phenolic pre-impregnated material and high temperature proof heat proof products of composite material. 


    Tianyu company is located in Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone, a provincial area in the west end of Bengbu, to the north, it is the highway (Nanjing to Luoyang), adjacent to the exit/entry (west of Bengbu/Huaiyuan) of highway (Hefei to Xuzhou), 9 km to Bengbu High Speed Railway Station, to the south, it takes one and a half hours to Hefei Xinqiao International Airport, it is 180 km to Nanjing, enjoying the handy transportation convenience in railway, waterway and highway. The company covers an area of 15000 m2, where there are five workshops and an office building of 6000m2.


    The company has a number of advanced synthetic resin production lines and auxiliary equipment, which are controlled with computer to turn out 800tons resin annually. Moreover, there are also a new composite material presoaking line and some molding equipment such as four-column hydraulic press etc. Tianyu has been authorized the certificate of ISO9001-2008 quality assurance system. The mechanical property lab is equipped with microelectronics universal material tester, precise thermal analytical balance, material forming machine, impact tester, gas chromatograph, moisture tester, the unique patented technical formula, strict management system, qualified professionals, perfect synthetic resin analysis/test instruments to enable Tianyu a strong guarantee for making high-tech products.



    The series products of high temperature resistant resin -- FB high-temperature flame retardant thermosetting phenolic resin and multifunctional epoxy resin curing agent - SP resin series products have passed the provincial appraisal, which are developed initially in China, and the performances are leading domestically. Therefore, FB resin won invention bronze award in 5th National Invention Exhibition, Good Prize of Technical Quality Products in 94' National Spark Contest in Chengdu and S/T Progress Prize of Bengbu City. In Nov. 2004, the high temp resin was identified as high and new technology products by Anhui provincial S/T Dept.


    Bengbu Tianyu High Temperature Resin Material Co., LTD is the first private technology enterprises to industrialize boron phenolic resin. In r/d and production of modified phenolic resin, it is strongly supported by some famous domestic universities and research institutes. Tianyu owns a lab of synthetic resin and performance testing and a number of patent technologies of synthetic resin and its composites, in one word science and technology innovation are the most prominent feature of our company.


    FB series products of boron phenolic resin are widely applied in the cutting- edge fields of aerospace, aviation, military and other civilian industrial areas of diversified brake materials, oilfield chemicals, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, anti-corrosion, special rubber products. Since it is the basic resin of satisfied performance, it is thus the materials of new ablation resistant for space flight, C/C, compound, heat insulation, high-performance friction, brake pads, clutch disc, diamond grinding wheels, insulation, flame retardant glass fiber reinforced, refractory, phenolic foam, epoxy resin curing agent, high temperature resistant adhesive high temp anticorrosive coating and high temperature flame retardant advanced composite. 


    Tianyu's latest products: liquid solvent-free boron phenolic resin, thermoplastic boron phenolic resin, bulletproof film, non-alkali fiberglass pre-impregnation material, aramid fiber pre-impregnated material, carbon fiber pre-impregnated cloth, pre-impregnated materials of high silica and quartz fiber/phenolic pre-impregnated materials, high temperature flame-retardant phenolic resin composite materials, all kinds of high temp ablation proof heat resistance composite moulding products and their structures are available to meet the special requirements of high-tech fields.

    Diversified high temp proof compound material products can be customized.

    Tianyu’s aim is “ Focusing on technical innovation”. Extensive exchanges and cooperation with counterparts both home and abroad are warmly welcomed to promote Chinese technical progress of high temperature polymer materials and co-growth with world partners of the same products.


    Our company has been authorized the certification of ISO9001-2008 quality control system

    Bengbu Tianyu High Temperature Resin Material Co., Ltd (former Bengbu High Temp Resistance Resin Factory)

    Add: #10 Weigang Rd Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone of Anhui Province

    Zip code: 233400 Mobile Phone: 13721181668

    Tel: 0552-8352800 Fax: 0552-8352857

    http//: www.xiaoqifa.com                E-mail:fbresin@sina.com